Counseling | Insights to Health

Caring for our patients includes counseling

At Insights to Health Clinic, we understand that there is more to achieving optimal health than just supporting the physical body. It is for this reason that one of our primary approaches to caring for our patients includes counseling.

Our patients benefit from counseling in many ways at our clinic. Our counseling focus may be motivating a new patient toward positive change, or it may extend  to an enhanced awareness of self and a deeper sense of purpose. Counseling may involve exploring alternatives to problematic behaviors, thoughts, feeling or patterns in the person’s life; factors that are keeping them from experiencing wellbeing on all levels. At Insights, we see each person with a wide-angled lens: recognizing that the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes together make up a whole person.

Through counseling many people report an improved sense of calm, joy, compassion, clarity and spiritual connection. Our patients notice an improved sense of self-esteem, as well as improved relationships with others. By approaching issues with curiosity and compassion, our doctors work with patients to unravel years of factors which may be complicating health.

In conjunction with the counseling we do here at ITH, we also at times may refer to the network of exceptional therapists and psychologists we have compiled over the years. With this additional resource, our patients find the range of options for meeting their health goals exceeds their expectations and raises their standards to new heights.