Cold Laser for Pain

services-cold-laserCold laser for pain is a treatment that improves blood flow to cells and tissues.  With increased blood flow comes pain relief, reduction of inflammation and swelling, and increased tissue repair.  The cold laser can be used on both chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries and tight muscles in most locations on the body.  It is a procedure that is time-efficient, lasting just minutes, and the patient feels only a slight sensation of warmth.  We have been getting wonderful results from cold laser treatments at Insights to Health (for all kinds of aches and pains) and are pleased to offer this option to our patients!

Cold laser is extremely useful for:

Increase soft tissue repair and/or reduction of inflammation

Cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a therapy that uses infared light to promote healing.  The light permeates 5-6 centimeters below the surface of the skin and stimulates cells in the body to increase soft tissue repair and/or reduction of inflammation of an acute or chronic nature.  This allows for pain reduction, increased healing, and improved tissue repair. Cold laser therapy can also assist people with chronic injuries through allowing the body to breakdown scar tissue and begin proper healing.

Although originally designed in 1967, the applications for this device have grown sharply in the last decade as more and more research has been dedicated to this area.  Areas such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, scar reduction, tendinitis, endometriosis, nerve regeneration, dry mouth, hypothyroidism, and many others are being researched currently adding to a growing body of support for this wonderfully effective instrument.

Cold Laser for pain is completely non-invasive

Cold laser can assist with a wide variety of conditions and patients.  A typical procedure can last anywhere from 2-10 minutes and is completely non-invasive (meaning there is no surgical intervention involved).  The doctor will place the instrument on the skin over the area of need and administer a treatment of a variable length.  Oftentimes patients feel no sensations during the treatment (except for maybe gentle warmth), however, the relief afforded by the treatment can last hours, days or months even.  Typically a patient will need multiple treatments; the amount of treatments required differs greatly from condition to condition and patient to patient.  It is best to have a visit with a doctor at Insights To Health to discuss if cold laser is right for your health goals.

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