TapingBodywork technique to encourage faster healing and pain reduction

Kinesiotaping is a type of bodywork that involves elastic therapeutic tape that can be placed in areas of pain, swelling, or other soft tissue injury on the body.  Often the tape lasts 3-5 days until the adhesive begins to wear off.  The tape gently moves the skin in specific directions that allows for increased blood and lymph flow encouraging faster healing and pain reduction. It can also take pressure off of areas that are injured.


Gentle Spinal Manipulation:


Spinal and bone manipulation is a movement of any number of joints in the body that returns a complete range of motion to that joint or joints.  This can be accomplished with any number of techniques including using the physician’s body or hands, a special table, or an activator (a small instrument that delivers a low velocity force that encourages full range of motion).  Sometimes there is a popping sound heard and sometimes there is no sound at all, however, once the range of motion is restored increased blood flow and nervous system integrity are restored to the joint.



Soft Tissue Manipulation:

This is an incredibly broad category of therapies.  The soft tissue includes muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons.  Most often a bodywork technique is utilized to encourage relaxation of muscles and increase blood flow to the surrounding soft tissues in order to provide relief to areas of pain or tension.  This can be achieved by a gentle stretching of muscles or by performing exercises that improve muscle flexibility or allow the fascia to release. Massage therapy is a commonly used technique to restore muscle balance.  Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR), Muscle Energy Technique (MET), or Strain/Counterstrain are also oft used techniques.