"I have never had a doctor this caring before"

Full Service Health Clinic in Portland, OR | For an appointment, call (503) 501-5001

Who Do We Help

Who do we help? We treat people with a variety of conditions. Our patients are women, men, and children from both the Portland area and across the United States (for out of town patients, phone or Skype visits are available). If you know someone who may benefit from our care, please refer them to our website or invite them to call our office.

Common Conditions

At Insights to Health, we feel it is inaccurate to say that we treat common conditions, which are just groupings of symptoms.  When you are balanced, symptoms naturally resolve because the true cause underlying them has been addressed. This balance further creates the potential for lasting health and wellness.  

Our Approach

The body is a series of interconnected systems. If one part becomes imbalanced, all of the rest are likely to become imbalanced as well. When you treat and heal one physical challenge, all aspects of your health will be impacted positively. Given the correct environment and support, your body will regain balance.